Mini Park

Small Park with 7 Rails and 3 Kicker.

Have Fun!

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Primitive Park

This small park is nothing special, but it gives you enough rails to test new tricks.


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X-Games 2013 Slopestyle Map

You want to be a part of the X-Games 2013?

With this, reconstructed Shredsauce X Games 2013 Slopestyle Map it is possible. Numerous rails and kickers give you the opportunity for many different tricks, for a short but varied gameplay.

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    Daniel (Freitag, 10 Mai 2013 11:20)

    How do i get it?

  • #2

    kaihamdan (Freitag, 16 August 2013 04:51)


Big Jib Line

This long jib line gives you enough time to perform many different tricks. Various rails and kickers insure a long lasting journey, whether beginner or expert.

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Small Railpark

Here's a small park, only with Rails. Even if it's small, there are enough opportunities to make different tricks.

Have fun.

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